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Get Ogre It is a roguelike dungeon crawler. Shapeshift between ogre and human, escape ever-changing dungeons, deceive and hide from your enemies. Can you reach the exit?. Watch your steps, transform, and die a lot.

Play as Gobby, a little ogre who's been cursed and turned into a human. But the curse isn't working perfectly and Gobby keeps transforming between ogre and human every 8 moves.

Gobby can't fight back! you have to take advantage of the curse in your favor to slip away from humans or ogres depending on your colours. Remember every 8 moves you will transform back again!

Enemies do not sleep and their task is to hunt Gobby down. Meet several different characters from each faction, every of them with different combat abilities. Some are faster than others and Some are stronger than others. Observe, fail, learn their moves and use your curse against them.

Everytime you start playing the dungeon will be procedurally generated, your memory won't help!

Time moves as you move

Think before you move because your enemies will chase you after that, move slowly and strategize your next moves or go fast and reckless as you like!

Ogres were not harmed in the making of this game


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Nice to see the game is coming along well and cannot wait to see what the final product will be =) The tutorial needs fixed I think, it shows the potential issues in my recording at the end of the video, but the game works perfectly fine =D

OH! since i changed the way Gobby transforms (not random, now its fixed number of steps) the tutorial no longer works and leaves you blocked there. I forgot about that.

Thanks for pointing that out!


This was a fun little puzzle game! Enjoyed it immensely =D definitely going to leave a follow and please be sure to keep me posted on when more is done, would love to do a follow up on it =)


Of course, I watched your gameplay video, it was hilarious  hahahaha

I noticed that  it's important to know about the roulette, luckily a Tutorial is on its way for the upcoming version

Hey Grimbag! I've uploaded a new version,the game will release at December 11th , what's missing from the release version its the boss fight 
Give it a try and let me know 
Cheers !

Definitely! =D